We value your sense of privacy. In particular, we value your personal information.

By using this website, you expressly signify your conformity with this privacy policy which governs the usage of your collected personal information.

This document does not cover or include the security practices, or privacy policies of third parties or third party websites which are beyond our control.

Information You Provide to Us

For your absolute convenience, we actually store your personal information on the website. You are advised that when you provide your pesonal information, you are actually more empowered to fully enjoy the full functions of our site.

In fact, your personal information is extensively utizlied to help us determine what products, services, or even website functions, are highly responsive to your particular needs. The information we collect also helps us match our special promotions and offers with your specific information profile.

Although not essential for the usage our site, an account registration is required on your end for some of its features. Apart from this, we will require your registration if you want to become part of our newsletter. The registration process normally requires your email, username, password, and other personal identifiers.

Automatic Information

When you use our website, you expressly consent to let us store your website analytics information. Our primary purpose for doing this is to help improve our site performance by analyzing your browsing behaviour, the length of your stay in the site, the frequency of your repeat visits, your Internet Protocol Address, and the browser which you used. Additionally, your navigation patterns and used landing pages are also stored.

At the end of the day, we are doing this to give you a better over-all website experience - we want to become more and more responsive to your individual needs.

Additionally, we can also fight spam, malware, and theft better with such information in our hands.

Information From Other Sources


We have a process of combining your data within our servers with readily available data from other sources. By using this website, you expressly agree to let us process your data and to disseminate it without third party boat charters. Our main purpose for requiring this is to help our listed boat charters become more responsive to your specific needs.

We promise that there will be no disclosure of your personal information, except to authorized third parties, and also for permissible exceptions as indicated in this privacy policy.



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Truth be told, the best and most beneficial features of the our site only be utilized if cookies are turned on

We disclaim any liability over these cookies which are beyond our control, and you hereby expressly agree with the same.


Changes to Privacy Policy


You agree that we have the absolute, and sole discretion to change our privacy policy should we desire to do so. However, proper notification will be given to you either through email, or other possible modes of notification which we deem fit for the dissemination of the changes in this privacy policy.

The collection of your personal information in our website shall be governed by the relevant update of the privacy policy which was in place when your information was collected.



You hereby expressly authorize us to utilize your personal information for the following important purposes.

1. The facilitation and accomplishment of your ecommerce intentions in relation to the third party boat charter providers in the listings of the Company..

2. For better customization of the particular services of the Company, and to aid in initiatives to improve the fishing industry as a whole

3. To enable the Company to provide you with tailor made emails of services, offers, and promotions which it feels would be beneficial or would be of interest to you, on the basis of your personal information. You hereby expressly permit the Company to store your information pertaining to your search queries, patterns, and particular transactions in its website.

Information disclosure provision


We shall endeavor not to disclose your personal information which we receive through our site without your permission, except for cases where it is allowed under this privacy policy. However, we have the discretion to provide your personal information if faced with a valid court order.exceptions to this would obviously include valid court orders that are authorized by the Judiciary.

Indemnity Provisions


Without any objections and reservations, you agree that your usage of this website means that you acknowledge and disclaim any liability on the part of the Company which may arise, whether imminent, real or imaginary from your usage of this website, or which may arise from the dissemination of your personal information.