Welcome to Global Fishing Charters.

Our website will enable you to easily compare thousands of saltwater charter fishing boats at once, in one comprehensive, fast and intuitive display.

We will have nearly 6,000 charter boats in 110 countries around the globe, so if you can’t find the right boat at the right price in our site, the chances are that it doesn’t exist!

All prices are direct from the boats themselves and there are no extra fees added.

We are open for boat registrations now, but the full site won’t be open to the public for another 4/5 weeks, while we toil away in the background making sure we service the fishing charter boats and guides of the world.

We look forward to seeing you soon and if you would like to know more about registering your boat with GFC or would like a sneak peak of how the website will look then please email us or catch up with us on the following:


Global Fishing Charters is open for boat registrations!

Global Fishing Charters requires each boat owner to create their profile. Registrations for boats are now open. Please click the link below to start your free registration. To see an example of an existing boat profile click the image to the right.

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